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Guaranteed Ways To Be More Attractive


Guaranteed Ways To Be More Attractive

No matter what you look like, what kid of car you drive, or how much money you have, its easy to be the most attractive and appealing person in the room. Looks and flashy external factors catch people’s eye initially, but it’s a great personality that keeps them interested. Here are some guaranteed ways to be more attractive to everyone around you:


·        Treat everyone well. Being respectful and treating everyone around you with kindness is a surefire way to be popular. Even if you aren’t good friends with someone, but treat them well, they will have tons of respect for you and so with others. When you’re warm and friendly to everyone, including those who you don’t know very well, people will want to spend more time with you.

·        Don’t play games. If you are upfront and forthright in your actions and words, people will come to see you as genuine and authentic. When you play games people don’t know where they stand, or what to expect from you. If you don’t play games they’ll know that what they see is what they get, and it puts them at ease. When people can relax and be comfortable around you, they’ll be more attracted to you.

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hymie8 asked: What do you think of this? 'a single lie uncovered is enough to create doubt over all truths discovered'

Excellent question! There’s some validity to that quote. If we’re talking in terms of human relations and trust between two people, then it’s very applicable. If one person lies, how many times has the person done it in the past? If we’re talking in terms of scientific discovery, it would not. Conclusions that are not supported by collected data are weeded out all the time.

The quote depends on the context.